Home Electric & Natural Gas Safety Inspection

Do you use electricity and natural gas safely in your home?

Print this checklist and do this inspection with an adult in your family. If you find an hazards, check NEEDS FIXING and then ask an adult to have them fixed.

Home Safety Inspection
True Needs fixing
1. Electric outlets are not overloaded with lots of plugs.
2. Electric cords are in good condition and do not run under rugs or furniture legs.
3. Electric appliances are used away from water.
4. There is at least one multipurpose fire extinguisher in your home, preferably in the kitchen.
5. Safety caps are kept in outlets when small children are around.
6. Small appliances are turned off and/or unplugged when people leave home.
7. All extension cords, lights, and appliances used outdoors are labeled for outdoor use.
8. Small children play in areas away from the natural gas range and all natural gas appliances.
9. Flammable objects are stored away from the natural gas water heater and furnace, and away from electrical appliances that can get hot, such as heaters, light bulbs, and toasters.
10. The flame on your natural gas range is steady and blue.
11. The natural gas oven or gas range is used only for cooking, not to heat the room or dry clothes.
12. Carbon monoxide alarms are installed and used per manufacturer's instructions.