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In Case of an Electrical Emergency Worksheet


In Case of an Electrical Emergency Worksheet

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  1. What can happen if you throw water on an electrical fire? What should you do instead for an electrical fire?
  2. If you touch someone who has been shocked and they are still contacting the source of the electricity, what could happen to you?
  3. What is the only safe thing to do if you see a fallen power line?
    1. jump over it
    2. stay far away from it and tell an adult
    3. move it with a stick
  4. What is the safest thing to do if you are in a car with a power line on or near it?
    1. climb out the car window
    2. stay in the car
    3. get out of the car as fast as you can
    4. get onto the car roof and stay there
  5. List 3 things that would be useful to have in a safety kit during a power outage.
  6. If you see lightning or hear thunder and can’t get indoors, you are safest
    1. under a tree
    2. in a hardtop car
    3. on a wooden bench
    4. in a wooden boat on a lake