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A boy climbs a tree near a power line.  The red NO symbol indicates it is not safe.


A tree has fallen across power lines. Orange warning cones surround the area.

Tree and Power Line Dangers

Trees near power lines are dangerous! When a tree grows close to a power line, it can create shock hazards, power outages, and fires:

  • If you climb a tree near a power line and touch the power line, electricity will go through you and you can be hurt or killed.
  • If a tree branch falls on a power line, it can cause a power outage. Electricity will go off in any homes or businesses served by the power line until the electric utility can remove the branch and fix the line.
  • If a tree branch touches a high-voltage power line, electricity from the line can make the branch so hot it catches fire. From there, the fire can spread to nearby trees, plants, or buildings.